Welcome to the parish of Russian Orthodox Church of Christ The Saviour · London, Ontario Canada


Dear Parishioners

We are now allowed 30% attendance in church so services on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings have resumed.

Since we are limited with how many people can be in the Church and with Sundays usually having more people attend, if you are planning to come to Church on a Sunday please ensure that you e-mail Father Vladimir at by no later than 11 am Saturday mornings so that I can have an idea of the numbers coming to church. Social Distancing is still in effect so please ensure you follow those guidelines while in Church. Please remain patient and understanding during these times of trials. Thank you.

Sundays and feast days — 9:30 am

Saturdays and on the eve of feasts — 7 pm

Services conducted in Church-Slavonic and once a month in English.

Divine Services
Services scheduale for the current month (PDF)


We are part of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad which joined with the Moscow Patriarchate in2007.

You can learn more about the history of our church on the Canadian Orthodox History page

Our parish exists on donations from Orthodox christians.
We accept Credit and Debit card donations through PayPal.
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Sunday School

On Sundays kids of various ages can attend church's school. You can learn more about school's programs and activities on this Facebook page


Vladimir Morin (Very Reverend). Phone: 519-495-4231

Church Address: 140 Fairview Ave. London, Ontario, Canada

The church is located in the South of London, not far from Wellington Rd. S., on the corner of Fairview and Whetter Ave.