Welcome to the parish of Russian Orthodox Church of Christ The Saviour · London, Ontario Canada



Sundays and feast days — 9:30 am

Saturdays and on the eve of feasts — 7 pm

Services conducted in Church-Slavonic and once a month in English.

Divine Services
Services scheduale for the current month (PDF)


We are part of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad which joined with the Moscow Patriarchate in2007.

You can learn more about the history of our church on the Canadian Orthodox History page

Our parish exists on donations from Orthodox christians.
We accept Credit and Debit card donations through PayPal.
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Sunday School

On Sundays kids of various ages can attend church's school. You can learn more about school's programs and activities on this Facebook page

Second Priest

Fr. Mikhail Baleka (born as Matthew Baleka), is descended from immigrants from the old Russian empire in what is now modern day Ukraine. His great grandfather Mikhail Balyka (Baleka) was a Cossack and left what is now modern day Ukraine with his wife Feodora in 1914. He was ordained a priest in the 1920’s and served the Church faithfully under Metropolitan Platon in what was then known as the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church. Father Mikhail’s grandson Vasil Baleka was raised in the Orthodox faith but, ran away from home due to family issues. He later met Alexandra Baleka and had two children with her, Matthew (Fr. Mikhail) and Maria, who were at the time, raised as Protestants. Mikhail Vasilievich was baptized on February 8th 2020 alongside his wife Anna Miroslavovna after a long journey of seeking Christ. They converted from eastern Catholicism (Ukrainian Catholic Church). They were then married on February 10th of the same year by Fr. Vladimir Morin at Christ the Saviour Russian Orthodox Church. Afterwards Vasil returned to his faith and Alexandra, along with Maria and her husband Gio, were converted to the faith. Mikhail began distance studies with Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary in the fall of 2020. On October 10th of 2021 Mikhail was made a Reader and a Subdeacon by Archbishop Ireneé of the OCA on behalf of Archbishop Gabriel of Montreal and Canada. On May 21st, 2022 Mikhail was ordained to the Diaconate by Bishop Luke at Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville NY, and the next day Ilya Poloushin was tonsured a reader and Fr. Mikhail was ordained to the priesthood by Archbishop Gabriel. He assisted in the burial of the beloved Metropolitan Hilarion that day. Father Mikhail now serves as the second priest at Christ the Saviour (Image not made with hands) parish. Father Mikhail and his wife Matushka Anna love the parish and are eager to serve their community.


Rector Father Vladimir Morin (Protopreist).
Phone: 519-495-4231

Father Mikhail Baleka (Priest).
Phone: 519-719-9910

Адрес Церкви: 140 Fairview Ave. London, Ontario, Canada

Church Address: 140 Fairview Ave. London, Ontario, Canada

The church is located in the South of London, not far from Wellington Rd. S., on the corner of Fairview and Whetter Ave.